Mr Opstelten takes measures on Police Academy

Minister Opstelten will replace the Board of Directors of the police Academy at short notice. The recruitment and selection procedure has been started, so that new appointments can take place shortly. The procedure is expected to be completed in May. This is the content of a letter to Parliament today by Minister Opstelten in reply to the report of Mr Vogelzang. Mr Vogelzang was asked to report on "the current change strategy Police Academy 2014 and the future course and potential solutions for stagnating ongoing dossiers".  

According to the report of Mr Vogelzang, there is a large crisis of confidence going on in the Police Academy. This crisis of confidence is largely decided by insufficient steering ability and a lack of management power to solve the problems. Mr Vogelzang finds that it was seen to insufficiently that advice from several earlier reports was actually carried out. 'This observation is also taken to heart by Mr Opstelten. The department has had many investigations carried out lately, among others by the Security and Safety Inspectorate. Unfortunately, the conclusion must be that Ihe agreements made with the Police Academy on improvement after every report were not or not sufficiently carried out or did not lead to the intended results. 

The new Board should be given the time to carry out the improvements. Minister Opstelten will contribute by creating continuity in the influx of new police officers.  The Police Academy can make a new start with these measures. With this structural approach, the Police Academy can focus on it core tasks: teaching the police force.