Police capacity to be reinforced

Minister Grapperhaus (Justice and Security) intends to invest in the recruitment and training of new employees in order to reinforce the capacity of the police force. This decision was expressed in a second letter of amendment in connection with the 2018 Justice and Security budget, which was submitted to the House of Representatives today. Under the coalition agreement, additional structural funding in the amount of 267 million euros has been made available to the police. With this letter, Grapperhaus announced his definite plans for 2018 with regard to the first 100 million of this sum.

The Minister will announce plans for the remaining 167 million once consensus has been reached as to the implementation of the flexibilisation agenda referred to in the coalition agreement.

This initial 100 million is intended, in part and over the long term, to lead to an additional 480 FTE as, well as an increase in the level of training. The goal is to see new employees deployed in both neighbourhood patrols and criminal investigation teams. In order to facilitate the recruitment and training of these employees, the Police Academy’s basic capacity in terms of training will be expanded. The funding will additionally serve to support extra attention to employee healthcare, with the objective of preventing health issues among police officers.

The money will also go towards reinforcing the quantity and quality of the national police force’s digital expertise. Furthermore, the units’ equipment will be modernised to enable them to conduct cyber investigations, including decentralised investigations. Taken together, these measures will result in a more effective approach to cybercrime and other forms of criminality. Improvements will also be made to the gear issued to police personnel, including, for example, the addition of body cams for police work in the field. Lastly, the Minister will strengthen the International Crime Team.