172 officers to become available in Amsterdam thanks to more efficient police custody care

The police custody care in Amsterdam will be centralised from three locations to one site at the Schiphol Detention Centre. This change will allow the Custodial Institutions Agency (DJI) to take over custody care duties from the police, which will in turn free up 172 FTE of officers to be deployed elsewhere in Amsterdam. On behalf of Minister for Legal Protection Sander Dekker, Minister of Justice and Security Ferdinand Grapperhaus is working with the involved parties to elaborate this proposed decision. This according to a letter that he presented to the House of Representatives today.

The Schiphol Detention Centre already houses various government organisations and services, including a secure courthouse and a DJI Detention Centre. The site currently has unused spaces as well, which under this decision will be used to accommodate those detained by the police in Amsterdam. As a result, officers will be able to work more efficiently: they will not have to make as many trips to different locations, for instance, and it will no longer be necessary to staff three separate sites. The DJI can then take over detainee custody duties from the police, thus allowing the organisation to do what it does best.

The first detainees are expected to be transferred to the Schiphol Detention Centre at the end of this year. This depends on the details of the plan, partly because of the organisations currently located at the complex, the work required to prepare the spaces and the need to ensure that enough DJI staff are on site.

Minister Grapperhaus anticipates that the full 172 FTE of officers will become available within the next two years. During the National Consultation on Security and the Police, it was agreed that in time the other units will also benefit from this gain for the Amsterdam unit. The intention is that starting in 2022, these other units will receive a portion of the 54 FTE which will be taken from the full operational strength of Amsterdam.