ICT and e-Government

It is in Central government’s interest that businesses and individuals are able to carry out transactions with the government safely and easily online. Furthermore, information and communications technology (ICT) should help facilitate effective operational management within central government.

ICT objectives

Central government's objectives are to:

  • Promote digital government services for businesses and individuals

    Central government has appointed a National Commissioner for Digital Government to help achieve this key aim.
  • Promote effective operational management

    This is being achieved by centralising central government ICT services. Working with just a few ICT service providers makes it easier to pool knowledge and expertise.
  • Government-wide policy on the use of ICT services

    Wherever possible, ICT services are used government-wide.

Government-wide approach to technology

Each ministry has its own Chief Information Officer (CIO). The CIOs determine the approach to ministry- and government-wide technology. Together they form the CIO Board.

Government ICT projects

The ICT Assessment Office (BIT) has been set up to prevent problems arising with government ICT projects. The BIT assesses major central government ICT projects according to technical and practical feasibility and likelihood of success. If any one part of a project is worth €5 million or more, the BIT will assess the entire project.