Abdication and investiture in Amsterdam

The cabinet has decided that the abdication of the Queen will take place at the Royal Palace in Amsterdam on 30 April 2013. The investiture of the King will then be held at the nearby Nieuwe Kerk.

National Investiture Committee

At the suggestion of the prime minister, the cabinet agreed to the formation of a National Investiture Committee, which will be in charge of coordinating various festivities surrounding this important event. The Committee will also coordinate initiatives to honour Queen Beatrix and pay tribute to the new King and Queen. The actual organisation of the abdication and investiture will not be among the Committee’s responsibilities. Nor will the Committee deal with the various festivities held by royalist associations and other groups and individuals around the country on the day of the investiture.

The chair of the National Investiture Committee will be Dr Hans Wijers; the names of the other members will be announced shortly. Information on the Committee’s exact duties and activities will be posted on the website of the Royal House in the near future.

It is the express desire of the new King and Queen that the whole Dutch population be able to take part in the celebrations, and the National Committee will do its utmost to make this happen.

Ministerial Commission on Royal Succession and working groups

Following the announcement by Her Majesty the Queen of her abdication on 30 April 2013, the cabinet established a Ministerial Commission on Royal Succession, which will be led by the prime minister. The Commission will coordinate decision-making relating to the abdication and investiture.

The Commission’s work will be prepared by the Civil Service Coordinating Committee for Royal Succession, which will consist of at least two working groups, on communication and security.