New general flagging instructions

The Prime Minister has informed the cabinet of his decision to adopt new general instructions for flying the flag on government buildings. The general flagging instructions have been amended following the abdication and investiture on 30 April.

The flag will be flown on the birthdays of the King (27 April, or 26 April if 27 April falls on a Sunday), Queen Máxima (17 May), Princess Beatrix (31 January) and the Princess of Orange (7 December). It will also be flown on Remembrance Day (4 May), Liberation Day (5 May), Veterans' Day (last Saturday in June), the formal end of the Second World War (15 August) and Kingdom Day (15 December). In The Hague only, flags will be flown to mark the state opening of parliament (third Tuesday in September).

The flagging instructions draw a distinction between 'extensive flagging' and 'limited flagging'. In the former case, flags are flown at all government buildings. In the latter, flags are flown only at ministry headquarters and the headquarters of institutions such as the Houses of the States General, the Council of State, the National Ombudsman and the Supreme Court of the Netherlands. Limited flagging will take place on Kingdom Day and the birthdays of Queen Máxima, Princess Beatrix and the Princess of Orange.

On King's Day and the birthday of members of the Royal House, the flag will be flown with an orange pennant. On all other occasions, it is flown without the orange pennant.