Queen Máxima to become regent, if necessary

If the need should arise, Queen Máxima will now be able to act as regent of the Kingdom. This was decided this afternoon during a Joint Session of the Two Houses of the States General, with the members of both the House of Representatives and the Senate convening in the Hall of Knights especially for the occasion.

If Princess Amalia should become queen by hereditary succession before reaching the age of 18, Queen Máxima will assume her duties. If Queen Máxima should die before that time, Prince Constantijn will be appointed regent of the Kingdom. The regency will also fall to Prince Constantijn if Queen Máxima should relinquish the regency or die before Princess Amalia comes of age.

In the event of King Willem-Alexander's death, Queen Máxima will exercise parental responsibility over their minor children, assisted by a supervisory authority. This five-member body will include the vice president of the Council of State (who will also act as chair), the president of the Netherlands Court of Audit, and the president of the Supreme Court of the Netherlands.