Cabinet adopts recommendations on King’s budget

The cabinet has agreed to the Prime Minister's proposal to adopt the recommendations set out in a report evaluating the King's budget. In doing so, the cabinet aims to increase transparency on the expenditure associated with the performance of the King's official duties. The report, which evaluates the structure of the King's budget, was carried out by ABDTOP Consult. The cabinet has given consent for sending the evaluation report and the government's response to the House of Representatives.

The evaluation report has two parts: the first part examines the budget's structure and its transparency. It concludes that the principles underpinning the King's budget of the last five years are correct and continue to apply. Application of the principles has been a key contributing factor to transparent budgeting and accountability of expenditure.

However, the desired degree of transparency has not been achieved entirely. Finding expenses that have been charged to other budgets could be made easier, and these could also be explained in more detail. With effect from 2016, the King's budget will therefore include an annexe containing expenditure incurred by other ministries. The reasons for this spending will also be explained more fully.

The second part of the evaluation report contains a detailed analysis of tax exemptions and constitutional allowances. Based on the evaluation, the cabinet is of the opinion that no changes are necessary with regard to these arrangements.