Economic consequences of the war in Ukraine

The consequences of the war in Ukraine will also be felt in the Netherlands. This includes economic consequences. Businesses may be directly impacted by sanctions against Russia, as well as counter-sanctions by Russia itself. The increase in prices of various products could also affect the Dutch economy.

Sanctions against Russia

The European Union has imposed a range of sanctions on Russia. Russia has also introduced counter-sanctions against EU countries. These affect companies doing business with Russia

Rising prices and reduced purchasing power

The war in Ukraine has caused the prices of all sorts of products to rise. Not just gas, oil and fuel, but also foodstuffs. This means that inflation is rising and the purchasing power of many households is falling. The government has already taken measures to cushion the impact of rising prices.

Less gas

The war between Russia and Ukraine is affecting energy supplies in the Netherlands. The Netherlands and the EU want to be less dependent on Russian gas. They're taking steps to achieve this, such as increasing sustainable energy consumption more quickly while also reducing overall energy consumption.