Dutch embassy returns to Lviv

The Dutch ambassador and a small number of embassy staff returned to Ukraine on 16 April. The diplomats will work from Lviv for the time being. But please note that the consular section of the Dutch embassy in Ukraine remains closed.

Embassy not open for consular assistance

The Dutch embassy is not open or available for consular assistance. Anyone requiring help can reach the contact centre of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by telephone on +31 247 247 247. Please also see the frequently asked questions about the situation in Ukraine.

Return of embassy staff

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is working on the safe return of embassy staff to Ukraine on a step-by-step basis. Returning first to Lviv in western Ukraine with a small number of staff will allow the embassy to make a good assessment of the security situation on the ground.

The safety of its staff is the top priority for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Extra measures are in place for the protection of the embassy staff, for instance in the event of a missile attack. If it is considered safe enough, the embassy will eventually return to Kyiv.

Why are the embassy staff returning now?

A diplomatic mission is of great value in maintaining contact with the Ukrainian government. A number of Ukrainian government representatives are currently in Lviv. Embassies of other EU countries are also returning. It is important for the Netherlands to maintain close cooperation with all these countries, including in Ukraine.

It is also important for the Netherlands to be able to follow the current situation in Ukraine closely. For instance to assess security risks. Or to see how our partners in Ukraine are providing humanitarian aid and to establish what help is needed.

Do not travel to Ukraine

The travel advisory for Ukraine (in Dutch) remains red, as the war makes it too dangerous to travel there. So do not travel to Ukraine, whatever your situation may be.