School opened in Uruzgan: an investment in the future

Last week, a new primary school for 600 pupils was opened in Tarin Kowt, the capital of Uruzgan province in Afghanistan. Civilian representative Jennes de Mol participated in the opening festivities and emphasised the school’s importance for the future of Uruzgan.

‘Everyone knows that young people are the future. It is vital to improve the quality of education, so that the youngest generation will be able to help Afghanistan develop further. Investment in education is a sustainable investment in this country’s future.’

The Australian Mentoring Task Force (MTF), which is part of the Dutch-led Task Force Uruzgan, commissioned the refurbishing of the building. The work was carried out by local contractors. The school will be used by two groups consecutively, giving as many children as possible an opportunity to learn.

Support for education is an important aim of the Netherlands’ effort in Afghanistan. Part of the Dutch contribution is set aside for building schools and training teachers. The Netherlands also provides support to the Afghan Ministry of Education.