Tuition refund

Are you taking a secondary vocational (MBO) programme? Are you 18 or older? If so, you must pay tuition. This also applies for some adult education (VAVO) programmes. Are you leaving your programme? If so, you may be eligible for a total or partial tuition refund.

Last updated on 27 January 2021

Total or partial tuition refund

You can sometimes receive a total or partial refund for tuition you have paid if you withdraw from your programme. For instance, if you graduate before the end of the academic year. Or if you leave the programme because your parents are divorcing.

Request tuition refund

You may request a tuition refund (in Dutch) from DUO.

Laws and regulations (in Dutch)

Law on tuition and course fees 

Decree implementing the Law on tuition and course fees 2000  

Regulation on tuition and course fees

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