Digital service desk makes it easier to check and pay fines

Today, in Utrecht, the Minister of Security and Justice, Van der Steur, launched the digital service desk for the online settlement of imposed traffic fines. This digital service desk of the Central Processing Unit of the Public Prosecution Service (Parket Centrale Verwerking Openbaar Ministerie, CVOM) and the Central Fine Collection Agency (Centraal Justitieel Incassobureau, CJIB) makes it easier to check and pay traffic fines. At any point in time, people can check the speed camera photograph online, verify other needed facts concerning the recorded traffic offence, and immediately appeal the fine if so desired.

The CJIB and the CVOM have already gradually implemented this digital service for traffic fines over the springtime. The service desk was visited nearly 40,000 times and nearly 4000 fines were paid online in the course of those four months. From the beginning of 2014, you can digitally appeal a traffic fine with CVOM. To date, more than one third of the people who have appealed a traffic fine have opted to do so digitally.

The digital service desk is a component of the so-called Citizens' Portal of CJIB and CVOM, created in partnership with the Judicial Information Service (Justitiƫle Informatiedienst) and the police. In addition to the accelerated settlement of traffic fines, this service will also be offered via the portal in the future for fines imposed for offences pursuant to the general municipal bye-laws (Algemene Plaatselijke Verordening, APV) and minor criminal offences.

The idea behind the creation of the Citizens' Portal and the digital service desks is not just for the added convenience and time savings, according to Minister Van der Steur. The Citizens' Portal is also important for a rule of law that people trust and understand. "In a state under the rule of law, people are punished when they commit a offence. That decision must not only be legally correct, but also transparent and verifiable. He or she must be able to appeal the decision, and when doing so, it must be handled promptly," says Van der Steur. The development of the Citizens' Portal is also a part of the 'Strengthening the Performance of the Criminal Justice System' programme (Versterking Prestaties in de Strafrechtketen, VPS) of the Ministry of Security and Justice.