Artists hand Ploumen check for She Decides

The sale of 270 works of art by mainly women artists from 27 countries has raised €4,897 for She Decides. She Decides was launched by Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation Lilianne Ploumen to safeguard funding for family planning for women in developing countries. ‘This is a wonderful initiative and another example of how people from all walks of life – in this case artists – are standing up for essential women’s rights,’ Ms Ploumen said on receiving the check in Amsterdam this afternoon.

In her word of thanks, the minister emphasised that She Decides is not just the concern of politicians and governments. Community initiatives are equally important. ‘We are united in solidarity with women and girls in developing countries,’ she said. ‘And their right to decide for themselves whether to have children and if so, how many and with whom.’ Ms Ploumen launched her initiative following US President Donald Trump’s decision to eliminate all funding for organisations offering family planning if their services include access to or information about abortion. The withdrawal of $600 million in funding annually affects a broad range of services. Ms Ploumen wants to make up for this shortfall as much as possible. The first step was the She Decides conference in Brussels, which raised over €181 million.

Nasty Women is an international movement of women artists fighting for equal rights for women. Their first exhibition was in New York, followed by shows in Amsterdam and 45 other locations around the world where artwork is sold. All proceeds are used to support women’s issues that are under pressure. She Decides has received donations from a variety of groups and citizens’ initiatives in the Netherlands, including €50,000 raised by screenwriter Willem Bosch.

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