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Conflicts environments and coverage

In this report, the authors assess the cases of Turkey and Tunisia to better understand the influence of context on reporting. In ...

Report | 01-01-2018

Pride and prejudice - Addressing bias in the analysis of political violence

This report discusses eight common biases at the information gathering and analysis stages, from a lack of knowledge on how much ...

Report | 01-01-2018

Coupling or Decoupling? Spillover in the multi-order

This report uses developments in the counter-terrorism and nuclear regimes to assess how both have affected other issue-areas.

Report | 01-01-2018

Of flour, yeast and water - A recipe for (Syrian) conflict data

Reliable data is essential for conflict analysis but bias plague the collection and analysis of information. Therefore, a ...

Report | 01-01-2018

International arms flows: monitoring, sources and obstacles

This report provides an overview of the most important initiatives and methods to monitor arms flows and discusses their validity ...

Report | 01-01-2018

Syria in 2019: four scenarios Implications for policy planning

When Syria is fragmented and marked by high levels of violence and oppression, possibilities for the international community are ...

Report | 01-11-2017

Monthly Alert October 2017 - European and Dutch security interests

This Alert presents the findings of a high-level analysis of this first current iteration of the Dutch Foreign Relations Index ...

Report | 19-10-2017

Strategic Monitor Monthly alert september 2017

Publication | 29-09-2017

Strategic Alert India

Since the Indian subplot of the great power story receives so much less attention from Western governments, institutions and ...

Report | 20-09-2017

Trend Study: The Rise of Populist Sovereignism

This study looks at the foreign and security policies of 17 Populist Sovereignist political parties and analyzes the implications ...

Report | 20-09-2017

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