Request a performance grant provision for delayed studies

Have you been unable to complete your MBO (secondary vocational education), HBO (higher vocational education) or WO (scientific/academic education) studies on time due to special circumstances, such as a disability or chronic illness? Or have you had to stop your studies completely? You may be entitled to a voorziening prestatiebeurs  (performance grant provision). This is an exemption from the prestatiebeurs (performance grant) rules.

Last updated 1 August 2023

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Performance grant provision

If your studies are delayed due to special circumstances, the following provisions are possible:

  • entitlement to new student financing;
  • extended graduation period;
  • conversion of performance grant into a gift; or
  • 1-year performance grant extension.

On the Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs – DUO (education implementation service) website you will find information on all performance grant provisions. This site also gives the conditions for each provision.

Request performance grant provision

If you would like to apply for a voorziening prestatiebeurs (performance grant provision), please contact the dean of students or the academic adviser. Do you have Wajong (youth occupational disability benefits)? Then you can request the conversion of the performance grant (in Dutch) yourself at DUO.

Laws and regulations (in Dutch)

Wet studiefinanciering 2000, artikelen 4.12, 4.14, 5.2b en 5.16

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