Self-test Tax Administration for internet entrepreneurs

As from today internet entrepreneurs can do a self-test on the website of the Tax and Customs Administration.

Entrepreneurs using the internet for sales purposes are often insufficiently aware of the conditions set by the Tax and Customs Administration. There are legal provisions to protect consumers buying on the internet the compliance of which is supervised by the Consumer Authority. Relevant matters are for instance electronic invoicing, digital administration and the legal obligation to state the VAT and Chamber of Commerce numbers. Besides, there are rules about stating the business address and about processing complaints.

Internet sales sites often began as a hobby but have grown to be professional channels with significant turnovers. Therefore, the Consumer Authority and the Tax and Customs Administration have taken the initiative to develop this test and to inform internet entrepreneurs. By answering five questions it becomes clear whether they have to adapt their websites or not.

The test website is easy to access and the visitor is led quickly to important information. As a trial, a first group of 560 entrepreneurs have been informed by e-mail about this initiative and they were invited to do the self-test.