Tax and Customs Administration breaks in new ICT system for allowances

The Tax and Customs Administration is 'breaking in' the new ICT system with which the 8 million monthly allowances are processed. If all the tests and requirements have been complied with, the new system will take over all the existing systems before the end of this year, as Mr Weekers, the State Secretary of Finance, has written in the semi-annual report of the Tax and Customs Administration to the Lower House of Parliament.

After the introduction of the new system, everybody can apply for an allowance, inspect the current state of affairs and report changes via a personal internet page. By way of an informative campaign, the persons entitled will be informed of the changes. The Tax Information Line (BelastingTelefoon), desks, helpdesks and information desks will temporarily have extra personnel so as to be able to handle any additional questions.

In addition, the research agency McKinsey has concluded two years after the first audit of the ICT chain that the Tax and Customs Administration has booked substantial results in this aspect. Guaranteeing the continuity of the production process has been prioritised, the structure of the ICT organisation has been simplified and peer management has been dispensed with. The ICT costs decreased by 15% (EUR 97 million) last year.

The number of digital tax returns filed increased by 1.1 million to 7.8 million last year. The use of the pre-completed tax return (VIA) increased by 25% to 3 million VIAs.