Where can I give my opinion on TTIP?

There are various ways you can have your say on TTIP: by email or through online media, public consultations or political parties.

  • You can send questions of comments on TTIP by email to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: ttip@minbuza.nl.
  • The Dutch government is consulting as many groups as possible with an interest in or concerns about TTIP. These include businesses, trade unions, environmental groups and other civil society organisations. You can also express your opinions through these organisations.
  • The Dutch House of Representatives meets to discuss foreign trade at least four times a year, and regularly talks about TTIP. You can express your opinions about TTIP through political parties and ask them questions about the agreement.
  • You can also contact the European Commission directly. There is a telephone number and a contact form on the Commission’s website.
  • The European Commission’s TTIP team regularly shares information and documents through its Twitter account (@EU_TTIP_Team).
  • The European Commission organises regular public consultations on TTIP in which civil society organisations can participate. There is an overview of the TTIP consultations and how to register on the European Commission’s website.