Registering as a jobseeker

If you become unemployed, you need to register as a jobseeker on the Uitvoeringsinstituut Werknemersverzekeringen – UWV (Employee Insurance Agency)'s website Register no later than 1 week after your last working day if you wish to receive unemployment benefits. 

Last updated on 11 October 2021

Applying for social welfare from your municipality

Are you unemployed and don’t have enough money to get by, for example, because you are not entitled to WW-uitkering (unemployment benefits)? You can apply for a bijstandsuitkering (social welfare) from your municipality. One condition for social welfare is that you have also registered as a jobseeker with the UWV.

Online job search tools

The UWV has put together the website (in Dutch). There are various tools on to help you find a job, such as your Werkmap (Work folder). This is where you can upload your CV and look for vacancies. You can also do online tests to help find out what your interests and qualities are. You will also find a job coach and application tips, among other things. Or you could sign up for online training, webinars, study programmes or courses. This will increase your chances of finding a suitable job. 

Registering as a jobseeker

Register as a jobseeker at Register no later than 1 week after your last working day if you wish to receive unemployment benefits. You need a DigiD to log in. The DigiD (digital identity) system is used in dealings with Dutch government bodies.

Laws and regulations (in Dutch)

Participation Act, Article 9 

Invalidity Insurance for Employees Act (WAO), Article 24 

Self-employed Persons Disablement Benefits Act (WAZ), Article 43 

Invalidity Insurance Act (Young Disabled Persons) (Wajong), Article 2.32 

Income Provision for Unemployed Older People Act (IOW), Article 15 

Unemployment Act (WW), Article 26 

Older and Partially Incapacitated Former Self-Employed Persons Income Act (IOAZ), Article 37 1B 

Income Provision of Elderly and Partially Disabled Unemployed Workers Act (IOAW), Article 37 1B 

Act on Work and Income according to Labour Capacity (WIA), Article 30 

Sickness Benefits Act, Article 30 

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