Who gets the free hepatitis B vaccination?

The hepatitis B vaccination is given free of charge to babies taking part in the National Immunisation Programme. The vaccination is also given to people with a higher risk of contracting hepatitis B.

High-risk groups for hepatitis B infection

The high-risk groups eligible for vaccination against hepatitis B in the Netherlands are:

  • children whose mothers are infected with the hepatitis B virus;
  • children whose parents come from a country where hepatitis B commonly occurs;
  • children with Down’s syndrome;
  • certain patient groups, including people suffering from haemophilia (a bleeding disorder);
  • people whose lifestyle puts them at greater risk, including men who have sex with men;
  • healthcare professionals.

Free hepatitis B vaccination

If you fall into 1 of the high-risk groups, you can make an appointment with your municipal health service to obtain a free hepatitis B vaccination.