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Water innovations in the Netherlands

This leaflet presents an overview of Dutch water innovations.

Leaflet | 01-03-2014

Flood protection by an inflatable rubber dam: Balgstuw Ramspol

The Balgstuw Ramspol is an inflatable rubber dam that protects the IJssel delta in the Netherlands from flooding. Find out more ...

Video | 09-01-2014

Speech by the Minister of Infrastructure and the Environment, Melanie Schultz van Haegen, at the presentation of the Mekong Delta Plan, Hanoi

‘I am confident that the Mekong Delta Plan will help make this river delta safer and make Vietnam more prosperous. And I hope ...

Speech | 19-12-2013

Speaking notes for Melanie Schultz, Minister of Infrastructure and the Environment, at the opening of the Europort 2013 in Ahoy Rotterdam

Speech | 08-11-2013

Speech by the Minister of Infrastructure and the Environment, Melanie Schultz van Haegen, at the opening of International Water Week

‘Water is the most essential element for life on earth. Water confronts us with the most important questions we and our children ...

Speech | 05-11-2013

Speech minister 'Water Challenges for Coastal Cities' in New York

‘The Dutch approach does not provide all the answers. It is about tackling dilemmas and devising strategies. It is about design, ...

Speech | 10-09-2013

Water distribution between two rivers at high water

Hondsbroeksche Pleij at Westervoort, near Arnhem, is an important water-management area of the Netherlands where the Lower Rhine ...

Video | 19-08-2013

Delta Programme 2013

The Netherlands is the best protected delta in the world. In the Delta Programme 2013 the plans to ensure that we remain ...

Annual plan | 09-07-2013

Dyke and boulevard in one

Scheveningen, the Netherlands' most popular coastal city, has undergone a metamorphosis. The beach has been widened and a dyke ...

Video | 23-05-2013

Opening of the Innovative Water Technologies Symposium

“International cooperation doesn’t always have to happen in a faraway country. Why not seek cooperation closer to home? Because ...

Speech | 24-04-2013