Minister Schultz strengthens collaboration with Iran regarding port and water issues

The Netherlands is going to intensify collaboration with Iran in the fields of water management, port development, and maritime logistics. The agreements regarding collaboration at government level will open the door to Dutch companies aiming to bring in orders from Iranian clients relating to water issues and port development.

In Teheran, Dutch Minister Schultz van Haegen (Infrastructure and the Environment) and Iranian Energy Minister H.E. Chitchian have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with respect to water management. Iran is faced with an increasing shortage of drinking water as well as water for industry and agriculture. The Netherlands has ample experience with water management in the Meuse and Rhine catchment areas, and can use this knowledge to assist Iran. For Dutch companies, Iran offers opportunities in the fields of (drinking) water supply, water purification, reuse of water, and water desalinisation.

In the Memorandum of Understanding, agreements have been set down regarding collaboration and knowledge exchange between government authorities, knowledge institutes, and companies relating to, for example, tackling drought, groundwater issues, water quality, and flood risk management. Minister Schultz: 'The Netherlands commands considerable expertise in the field of water and water management. This collaboration between our governments makes it easier for Dutch companies to enter the Iranian market, also because many orders come from public principals. The MoU establishes a firm foundation for Dutch companies intending to do business in Iran.'

During the visit, Dutch companies Berson UV and Witteveen en Bos signed collaborative agreements with Iranian companies regarding waste water treatment and water technology. In addition, Adverio Waste Systems has sold an entire waste treatment plant to the city of Dezful. Van Oord has concluded a collaborative agreement with Petro-Iran pertaining to construction activities in the oil and gas sector.

Under an agreement reached with the Iranian government, Dutch and Iranian universities and knowledge institutes will be working on knowledge exchange in the fields of water technology, energy, climate adaptation, and the environment. The parties involved on the Dutch side include Unesco IHE and Wageningen University. In addition, the Netherlands is making a case for Iranian universities to participate in European research programmes in the fields of water and the environment.

Minister Schultz has set down agreements with the Iranian Transport Minister H.E. Akhoundi regarding collaboration in the fields of port development, maritime logistics, offshore issues, shipbuilding, and transport to the hinterland. Iran will be making considerable investments in the expansion of major ports in the years ahead. The agreements provide a basis for Dutch companies hoping to land orders for these large projects.

The Dutch trade delegation, headed by Minister Schultz, will be in Iran until Saturday 29 October. In addition to meetings at Iranian Ministries in Teheran, the schedule includes meetings between Dutch and Iranian companies, and a visit to the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas.

The following companies are represented in the trade mission:

BAM International, Damen Shipyards, Port of Rotterdam, Royal Boskalis Westminster, Royal IHC, STC Groep, Van Oord en Witteveen + Bos, Adverio Waste systems, Amstelland, Berson UV, Dutch Water Authorities, Interact Smart Solutions, RMX Tech, and the Netherlands Water Partnership.