Applying the Web Guidelines

If you apply the Web Guidelines correctly, your website will meet the functional, technical and editorial standards that make it accessible for all types of user. For example, the blind and visually impaired. And users of all types of computer, from outdated PCs to the latest mobile devices.

How does apply the Web Guidelines?

  • By making the Web Guidelines a fixed part of all aspects of website management, from design and editing to further development.
  • Companies carrying out contracts for public authorities are obliged to apply the Web Guidelines.
  • Their employees must have the knowledge and skills necessary to apply the Web Guidelines appropriately. The manuals to enable them to do so are complete and up to date.
  • The website editors must use dedicated software to make all information – text, images and video – accessible to the public. An example is the controlled language tool that helps editors make text understandable. In 2014, a new tool is being introduced to help editors further comply with the Web Guidelines.