Am I entitled to remigration benefit?

If you satisfy certain conditions, you can receive remigration benefit. The conditions depend on where you came from (your country of origin) and when you came to live in the Netherlands. 

Conditions to receive remigration benefit

You must satisfy the following conditions to receive remigration benefit:

  • you must be at least 55;
  • you must have lived in the Netherlands for at least eight years;
  • you must have been born outside the Netherlands;
  • you must be or have been a national of the country of origin;
  • you must have been at least 18 when you came to live in the Netherlands;
  • you must have come to the Netherlands before a certain date (the date depends on the country of origin);
  • you must have been receiving a Dutch benefit for at least 12 months.

Country of origin

You must have been born outside the Netherlands to receive remigration benefit. You must also have moved to the Netherlands before a certain date.

Table: Countries of origin
Country of origin Date of admission to the Netherlands
Türkiye before 1 July 2014
Morocco before 1 July 2014
Tunisia before 1 July 2014
Cape Verde before 1 July 2014
Serbia before 1 July 2014
Montenegro before 1 July 2014
Bosnia-Herzegovina before 1 July 2014
Kosovo before 1 July 2014
North Macedonia before 1 July 2014
Suriname before 1 July 2014
Croatia before 1 July 2013
Slovenia before 1 May 2004
Spain before 1 November 1993
Portugal before 1 November 1993
Italy before 1 November 1993
Greece before 1 November 1993