As a tenant, do I need the owner’s permission if I want to install a stairlift or elevated toilet?

Are you getting financial assistance from the Social Support Act (WMO 2015) or Chronic Care Act (WLZ) for home adaptations like a stairlift or elevated toilet? If so, you do not need the owner’s permission for these home adaptations.

As a tenant, you may need the owner’s permission to make home adaptations

If you don’t have serious limitations, you will not be eligible for WMO or LWZ assistance for adaptations in your home. If you still want to adapt your rented home for the future, you must get the owner’s written permission for major adaptations like installing a stairlift.

The owner may only refuse permission if the adaptations will devalue the property or make it more difficult to rent to other people.

When your tenancy ends, you do not have to undo or remove any adaptations you made with the owner’s written permission.

Owner may raise rent if adaptations are made

The owner is allowed to raise the rent if they have made adaptations to the property.