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Annual reports arms export policy

The reports below discuss the instruments, procedures and underlying principles of Dutch arms export policy within a certain year.

Report | 27-07-2018

Letter to Parliament on judgment court case Dutch State vs. Deutsche Bank

Minister Hoekstra of Finance informs the House of Representatives about the judgment court case of the Netherlands starting ...

Letter | 25-07-2018

National Census Reports East Atlantic Africa 2017

Results of waterbird and wetland monitoring in the East Atlantic Flyway.

Report | 19-07-2018

Speech by Stientje Van Veldhoven, State Secretary of Infrastructure and Water Management, at the Launch of the Valuing Water Initiative, New York

“Why is water cheaper than diamonds? It’s a well-known paradox, something that has puzzled thinkers for centuries, from Plato to ...

Speech | 18-07-2018

Speech State Secretary Van Veldhoven High Level Political Forum, side event Circular Economy in New York

“If we use raw materials more efficiently we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 60 per cent globally. Consumption of raw ...

Speech | 17-07-2018

The long road to ending impunity: we can’t get there without the ICC

Twenty years ago in Rome, world leaders took a bold step by establishing the ICC. A lot has been achieved in two decades, but all ...

Diplomatic statement | 16-07-2018

Mid-term Evaluation of DGIS - IHE Delft Programmatic Cooperation 2016-2020 (DUPC2) in the field of international cooperation on water

Report | 16-07-2018

Agreement on implementing the MH17 agreement in Ukraine and the Netherlands

This week the parliaments of Ukraine and of the Netherlands adopted laws to implement the agreement on international legal ...

Diplomatic statement | 13-07-2018

Revised action plan and annual progress review on policy coherence for development

Letter of 13 July 2018 from the Minister of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation to the House of Representatives on the ...

Parliamentary document: Letter to the Parliament | 13-07-2018

Connectivity Action Plan

Citizens, businesses and governments use information technologies on a daily basis. Digitisation is rapidly transforming our ...

Report | 13-07-2018