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Employer’s declaration for curfew exemption

If it is essential for you to be outdoors during curfew hours, you must carry a self-declaration for curfew exemption with you. ...

Form | 25-01-2021

Press Release: World leaders embrace climate adaptation action at Climate Adaptation Summit 2021

Media article | 25-01-2021

Coronavirus: factsheet 'Lockdown further tightened'

The government is very concerned about new variants of coronavirus, such as the highly infectious ‘British’ variant. Up to at ...

Publication | 23-01-2021

Night-time curfew as of Saturday 23 January (Spanish)

El toque de queda entra en vigor en todo el país a partir del sábado 23 de enero. La Cámara Baja ha confirmado hoy dicha medida, ...

Publication | 22-01-2021

Night-time curfew as of Saturday 23 January (French)

À compter de samedi 23 janvier, un couvre-feu sera instauré dans tous les Pays-Bas.

Publication | 22-01-2021

Night-time curfew as of Saturday 23 January (German)

Ab Samstag, dem 23. Januar, tritt in den Niederlanden eine nächtliche Ausgangssperre in Kraft. 

Publication | 22-01-2021

Night-time curfew as of Saturday 23 January (Portuguese)

O recolher domiciliário obrigatório entra em vigor em todo o território dos Países Baixos no sábado, dia 23 de janeiro. O ...

Publication | 22-01-2021

First Indonesia-Netherlands Cyber Policy Dialogue: Joint Statement

The first Indonesia-Netherlands Cyber Policy Dialogue was held virtually on 21 January 2020. The multi-agency dialogue reinforced ...

Diplomatic statement | 21-01-2021

Speech by Minister Blok at accountability event 'Steps towards justice'

Speech by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Stef Blok, at a digital event dedicated to fighting impunity, 20 January 2021.

Speech | 20-01-2021

Lockdown measures tightened in response to concerns about new variants of virus (Spanish)

El Gabinete está muy preocupado por la variante británica del coronavirus, todavía más contagiosa que el virus que conocíamos ...

Publication | 20-01-2021