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Speech by Human Rights Ambassador Bahia Tahzi-Lieb on 10 years Shelter City

Opening speech of the Dutch Human Rights Ambassador, Bahia Tahzib-Lie on the 10th Anniversary of the Dutch Shelter City Program. ...

Speech | 22-04-2022

Minister Hoekstra: 'The only effective response to the war in Ukraine is a joint response'

Speech by minister Wopke Hoekstra during the 31st Utrecht Conference, an annual forum of Polish-Dutch expert consultations.

Speech | 20-04-2022

Speech by Prime Minister Mark Rutte at the opening of the Invictus Games, The Hague

Speech | 16-04-2022

Statement by Prime Minister Rutte for the 80th anniversary of bilateral relations between the Netherlands and Australia

Statement by Prime Minister Mark Rutte about the 80th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the Netherlands and Australia, ...

Speech | 16-04-2022

Statement on Ukraine's application against the Russian Federation before the International Court of Justice

The Kingdom of the Netherlands has taken note of Ukraine’s application, on 26 February 2022, against the Russian Federation ...

Diplomatic statement | 15-04-2022

Speech by Minister Wopke Hoekstra at the Center for Strategic and International Studies

Speech by Wopke Hoekstra, Minister of Foreign Affairs, at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, on 14 April 2022.

Speech | 14-04-2022

Speech by Secretary-General Paul Huijts at the Movies that Matter Festival

Speech by Secretary-General Paul Huijts at the Movies that Matter Festival, 12 April 2022.

Speech | 12-04-2022

PISA OECD's Programme for International Student Assessment

PISA measures every three years 15-year-olds’ ability to use their reading, mathematics and science knowledge and skills to meet ...

Publication | 07-04-2022

Decision on requist PAA on meetings of Dutch PR to EU EU (2020-2021)

Decision invoking the Goverment Information (Public Acces) Act (Wet openbaarheid van bestuur; Wob) on meetings in 2020-2021 of ...

Decree | 06-04-2022

Joint Statement South Africa and the Netherlands: Cyber Policy Dialogue

On 4 and 5 April 2022, South Africa and Netherlands held their bilateral Cyber Policy Dialogue in Pretoria, with consultations on ...

Diplomatic statement | 06-04-2022