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What permits do foreign workers need?

Foreign nationals wishing to work in the Netherlands have to meet various requirements.

Question and answer

Who should report foreign workers where subcontracting is involved?

Subcontracting occurs when a foreign company engages another company to do a job for its client in the Netherlands.

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What should I do if I engage a foreign company?

If you have hired a foreign company or self-employed person to do a temporary assignment for you in the Netherlands, you must ...

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Does my employer also have to report me as a foreign worker if I am a frontier worker?

Your employer has a duty to report you because the country where you usually work is not the Netherlands.

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I dispatch international drivers to the Netherlands. Do I have to report them?

If you transport goods between 2 points in the Netherlands or if you load or unload freight in the Netherlands as part of an ...

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What travel documents do posted foreign workers need?

Foreign nationals working temporarily in the Netherlands must have a valid travel document.

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How do I report the arrival of foreign workers?

The duty to report applies to self-employed persons in certain sectors and employers from the European Economic Area (EEA) and ...

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What does the duty to report mean for foreign nationals working in the Netherlands?

Employers from other EU member states must give advance notice of the arrival of their employees coming to the Netherlands on a ...

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Answers to questions asked DSP 13 december 2019

Publication | 13-12-2019

Speech by Stef Blok at European Gendarmerie Force meeting

Speech by Minister of Foreign Affairs Stef Blok at the European Gendarmerie Force (EUROGENDFOR) High Level Interdepartmental ...

Speech | 12-12-2019