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The Netherlands and Ethiopia

Factsheet on the efforts of The Netherlands from 2019 to 2022 to support reforms on safety, human rights and women's rights in ...

Publication | 13-08-2019

The Netherlands and Afghanistan

Factsheet on the efforts of The Netherlands from 2019 to 2022 to increase the safety and stability in Afghanistan.

Publication | 13-08-2019

Organization Chart Ministry of Foreign Affairs (june 2019)

The organizational structure of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

Leaflet | 13-08-2019

2018 Annual Report International Human Rights Proceedings

Report on the Netherlands’ involvement in international human rights proceedings in 2018.

Report | 12-08-2019

Corporate video Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy

Video | 07-08-2019

Does the ban on face coverings apply at all healthcare institutions?

Yes. From 1 August 2019 you may no longer wear clothing that makes your face unidentifiable, such as a full-face motorcycle ...

Question and answer

What does the partial ban on face coverings entail?

On 1 August 2019 a ban was introduced on face coverings on public transport or in and around government, healthcare or ...

Question and answer

Why is there a partial ban on face coverings?

In some situations it is necessary for people to be able to make eye contact and identify each other, in order to provide a ...

Question and answer

What will happen if I don’t comply with the ban on face coverings?

From 1 August 2019, if you enter a government, educational or healthcare building or public transport vehicle wearing a face ...

Question and answer

Where does the ban on face coverings apply?

The ban on wearing face coverings applies in and around the buildings of healthcare institutions, educational institutions and ...

Question and answer