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Do I need to use a shelter or take cover under a tarpaulin during hurricane Maria?

In light of the approach of hurricane Maria, go to a shelter if you need to. Be aware that the tarpaulins provided to cover...

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Have schools and offices reopened on Saba and St Eustatius?

Schools will be temporarily closed from 18 September due to hurricane Maria.

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Military helicopter brings food and water to St Maarten

Video | 18-09-2017

Application overview

Overview of the number of applications per theme of the grant framework Human Rights Fund 2017-2020.

Publication | 18-09-2017

I have been called on by the authorities in St Maarten to return for work reasons. Who will arrange my accommodation?

You should approach the authority that is asking you to return about accommodation, e.g. the minister of education of St...

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What is the reconstruction team going to do?

The Royal Netherlands Army is deploying over 100 miltary personnel on St Maarten for emergency reconstruction work. The...

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I live in Bonaire, what can I do to help?

We are currently determining where the need is greatest so that assistance can be provided effectively and efficiently. The...

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Are cruise ships also taking evacuees with them?

American cruise ships are planning to collect US citizens and those with a valid visa for the US.

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Where can I apply for an emergency passport?

If you are going to be evacuated, contact the Cabinet of the Governor of St Maarten. The Cabinet will check whether you can...

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Organization chart Ministry of Security and Justice

Publication | 15-09-2017