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Letter to the House of Representatives on the progress of the EMA’s relocation and the second written report on the construction of the permanent building

Minister Bruins (Medical Care and Sport) informs the House of Representatives on the progress of the EMA’s relocation including ...

Parliamentary document: Letter to the Parliament | 09-04-2019

Can my British partner move to the Netherlands with me after Brexit?

If you are a Dutch national and you lived in the United Kingdom with your British partner before the UK left the European Union, ...

Question and answer

Address by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Stef Blok, on the occasion of the 25th commemoration of all those who died during the genocide against the Tutsi, 7 April 2019, The Hague.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m honoured to be here with you today on this most solemn of occasions: the 25th commemoration of the ...

Speech | 07-04-2019

(Español) ¿Qué puedo hacer si no estoy de acuerdo con el resultado de una prueba de alcoholemia o de un análisis de sangre después de conducir bajo los efectos de las drogas y/o del alcohol?

Leaflet | 04-04-2019

(Polski) Co mogę zrobić, jeśli nie zgadzam się z wynikiem badania alkomatem lub badania krwi wykonanego po jeździe pod wpływem narkotyków i/lub alkoholu?

Leaflet | 04-04-2019

(Français) Que faire si je ne suis pas d’accord avec le résultat d’un alcootest ou d’une analyse de sang après avoir conduit sous l’effet de drogues et/ou d’alcool?

Leaflet | 04-04-2019

(Deutsch) Was kann ich tun, wenn ich mit dem Ergebnis einer Atemanalyse oder Blutuntersuchung nach Fahren unter Drogen- und/oder Alkoholeinfluss nicht einverstanden bin?

Leaflet | 04-04-2019

Appendix V: ORIA Update Form

Questionnaire to update an Organisational Risk and Integrity Assessment (ORIA). This information can be used in relation to the ...

Publication | 29-03-2019

Appendix III: Logframe

Logframe format that applicants should use the logframe format to make clear how each point corresponds to the budget in relation ...

Publication | 29-03-2019

Appendix II: Corporate rates (in Dutch)

Information for applicants/lead parties and co-applicants established in EU member states that do not use the euro and for ...

Publication | 29-03-2019