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Coalition Agreement 'Confidence in the Future' (in French)

Les présidents de groupe parlementaire, MM. Rutte, Buma, Pechtold et Segers, ont présenté, le 10 octobre 2017, l'accord de ...

Publication | 10-10-2017

Coalition Agreement 'Confidence in the Future'

On 10 October 2017 the leaders of four parties in parliament (VVD, CDA, D66 and the Christian Union) presented their new ...

Publication | 10-10-2017

Letter to Parliament on start legal proceedings about interpretation of the International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA)

Minister Dijsselbloem of Finance informs the House of Representatives about the State of the Netherlands starting legal ...

Letter | 24-08-2017

Speech by minister Bussemaker at the opening of the conference 'Practicing the Commons'

Speech by minister Bussemaker at the opening of the conference 'Practicing the Commons', on self-governance, cooperation and ...

Speech | 08-08-2017

Speech Foreign Minister Koenders on the Middle East to the UN Security Council

Speech minister Koenders on the Middle East to UN Security Council

Speech | 26-01-2016

Civic integration in the Netherlands (Dutch) - Inburgeren in Nederland


Announcement by the King’s Office

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Frans Timmermans, has requested His Majesty the King to discharge him from his duties as ...

Publication | 17-10-2014

Sand motor to enhance safety of coastal area

Over the next few decades, the sand motor will spread 21.5 million cubic metres of sand along the Zuid-Holland coast. 

Publication | 31-07-2014

'Brücken bauen', Koalitionsvertrag zwischen VVD und PvdA

Translation in German of the coalition agreement of the cabinet Rutte-Asscher.

Report | 29-10-2012