On Prinsjesdag (the Dutch budget day and state opening of parliament), the third Rutte government presented its first full budget. Over the next few years the government will reduce the tax burden and invest in the quality of society.

The economy will continue to grow strongly in 2019. The government wants as many people as possible to share in this prosperity and feel it in their pockets. People will be better off next year. And work will be more financially attractive.

Our current prosperity must also be reflected in the quality of our public services. In 2019 the government will therefore invest in things that are important to everyone. These include public safety and national security, good education, nursing home care with a personal touch and high-quality infrastructure.

But the Netherlands is more than just numbers. People are worried about issues such as integration and how we interact with each other. Such issues cannot always be settled by laws, but the government is aware of them nevertheless.

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