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  1. Government apologises for the Netherlands’ role in the history of slavery

    In a speech this afternoon, Prime Minister Mark Rutte apologised for the past actions of the Dutch State: to enslaved people in ...

    News item | 19-12-2022 | 16:18

  2. Fourth Rutte government sworn in

    This morning, the fourth Rutte government was sworn in at Noordeinde Palace. The new government is a coalition made up of the ...

    News item | 10-01-2022 | 11:20

  3. 2022 Tax Plan: a better tax system

    This year, the 2022 Tax Plan package mainly contains minor changes aimed at improving the tax system. In particular, improvements ...

    News item | 21-09-2021 | 15:54

  4. 2022 Budget Memorandum: Resilience and further steps forward

    With expected economic growth of 3.5% in 2022, the Dutch economy is recovering remarkably quickly from the COVID-19 pandemic. The ...

    News item | 21-09-2021 | 15:15

  5. Dutch minister of Foreign Affairs Sigrid Kaag steps down

    Declaration of Dutch minister of Foreign Affairs Sigrid Kaag on September 16th in the Dutch House of Representatives.

    News item | 16-09-2021 | 22:35

  6. Prime Minister Rutte tenders resignation of the government

    On 15 January 2021, Prime Minister Mark Rutte tendered to the King the resignation of all the government ministers and state ...

    News item | 15-01-2021 | 14:15

  7. Partial lockdown to continue

    This news item was published on 17 November. Read more about the current approach to tackling coronavirus in the Netherlands. ...

    News item | 17-11-2020 | 20:22

  8. 2019: a substantial surplus, investment and lower taxes

    We are currently in the midst of a crisis, with government borrowing hitting historic highs in an effort to support the economy. ...

    News item | 20-05-2020 | 11:13

  9. MH17: The Netherlands and Australia hold Russia responsible

    The Netherlands and Australia hold Russia responsible for its part in the downing of flight MH17. The government took a decision ...

    News item | 25-05-2018 | 10:37