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  1. Aiming for a balanced internationalisation of universities and universities of applied sciences

    Retaining the benefits of internationalisation and  achieving balance. That is the core aim of the Balanced Internationalisation ...

    News item | 13-05-2024 | 16:59

  2. IDAHOT 2024: freedom and equal rights in Europe

    Together with the Council of Europe, the Netherlands is hosting the European IDAHOT+ Forum in The Hague from 14 to 16 May. The ...

    News item | 08-05-2024 | 14:38

  3. Government takes the next step to create balance in the internationalisation of education

    Balance between the value of internationalisation for our education on the one hand, and accessibility to this education on the ...

    News item | 21-12-2023 | 14:15

  4. Resignation of the State Secretary for Culture and Media

    The State Secretary for Culture and Media at the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, Gunay Uslu, has requested His ...

    News item | 30-11-2023 | 10:01

  5. Online consultation starts on proposed legislation concerning internationalisation of higher education

    Today sees the launch of the online consultation for the proposed legislation concerning a more balanced and coordinated approach ...

    News item | 14-07-2023 | 15:00

  6. Resignation of the Minister for Primary and Secondary Education

    On 23 June 2023 the Minister for Primary and Secondary Education, Dennis Wiersma, requested King Willem-Alexander to discharge ...

    News item | 23-06-2023 | 10:45

  7. Steps to improve the management of incoming international students

    The Minister of Education, Culture and Science, Robbert Dijkgraaf, intends to take a number of concrete steps to improve the ...

    News item | 21-04-2023 | 16:56