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House of Representatives approves tougher sentences for money laundering and corruption

The House of Representatives has today passed a bill from minister Opstelten which includes higher sentences for money laundering ...

News item | 01-07-2014 | 14:32

House of Representatives approve tougher approach to driving under the influence of drugs

A broad majority in he House of Representatives has today approved the legislative proposal of minister Opstelten (Security and ...

News item | 01-07-2014 | 14:29

New acts as of 1 july 2014

News item | 30-06-2014 | 10:57

General provision to be added to the Dutch Constitution

A general provision will be added to the Dutch Constitution to make clear that the Netherlands is a democracy governed by the ...

News item | 27-06-2014 | 17:44

Cabinet simplifies and clarifies administrative law

A strict division is to be introduced between the advisory and the judicial tasks of the Council of State. The number of councils ...

News item | 26-06-2014 | 15:19

Prime Minister Rutte visits Vietnam

On 16-17 June 2014, Prime Minister Mark Rutte payed an official visit to Vietnam. He was accompanied by Minister for Agriculture ...

News item | 15-06-2014 | 14:00

Working together to bring the EU closer to its citizens

Has Public Support Advisory Council on International Affairs (AIV) EU citizens

News item | 13-06-2014 | 00:00

Government to introduce stiffer penalties for computer crime

Criminals who destroy digital data, render computer systems inaccessible by tampering with passwords and cause computers to crash ...

News item | 23-05-2014 | 11:10

More say for parents and index-linked hourly rates in childcare

Parents with children in childcare will get more say about the care their children receive. As of 1 July 2015 all childcare ...

News item | 23-05-2014 | 10:47

Even greater focus on the safety of aliens

Fred Teeven, Minister for Immigration, has taken measures to place an even greater focus on the safety of aliens. The cabinet has ...

News item | 23-05-2014 | 10:34