Human Rights Tulip 2022: top three candidates

There are three candidates left in the running for the Human Rights Tulip 2022, the prize awarded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs each year to international human rights defenders. Foreign minister Wopke Hoekstra will be announcing this year’s winner on 8 December.

Shortlist for the Human Rights Tulip 2022

On 21 October the shortlist for the Human Rights Tulip 2022 was published. An independent jury has now selected the top three candidates from the shortlist of ten according to, among other things, the impact of their work on society and their courage in striving to promote human rights despite threats and attacks. The remaining candidates for the Human Rights Tulip 2022 are:

Enlarge image Viasna
Image: ©Viasna (

Human Rights Center Viasna

The Viasna Human Rights Center is a human rights organisation that was established in 1996 during mass protests by the democratic opposition in Belarus. Viasna is currently working to monitor the human rights situation in Belarus and raise awareness of democracy and human rights. The organisation also defends individual rights, particularly the rights of political prisoners. It has been operating illegally in Belarus since 2003. Find out more about the Human Rights Center Viasna.

Leng Ouch

Leng Ouch has been working for human and environmental rights in Cambodia for 22 years. By investigating abuses and exposing corruption, he takes up the cause of groups of people whose interests are harmed by companies or government. These groups include local communities who are losing their land to large-scale deforestation. Find out more about Leng Ouch.

Enlarge image Thai Lawyers for Human Rights
Image: ©Thai Lawyers for Human Rights

Thai Lawyers for Human Rights

Thai Lawyers for Human Rights is an organisation that was established in 2014 by a group of human rights lawyers and social activists, two days after the military coup in Thailand. The lawyers offer pro bono legal assistance to people who suffer arbitrary treatment or are put on trial for exercising their civil and political rights. The organisation also works to raise awareness among the Thai people, working closely with other human rights organisations and the UN. Find out more about Thai Lawyers for Human Rights.

What is the Human Rights Tulip?

The Human Rights Tulip is a prize that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs awards each year to a human rights defender or human rights organisation to support their important work. The winner receives a bronze tulip and €100,000. This money and the international visibility the prize creates help the winner continue and expand their human rights efforts.