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Environmental agreement on global reduction of mercury use

On May 18th, in New York, the Netherlands will be ratifying an environmental treaty that addresses the dangers of mercury. By...

News item | 22-05-2017 | 15:40

Koenders calls on Turkey to follow the recommendations of the Council of Europe

Foreign minister Bert Koenders has called on Turkey to follow the recommendations made by the Council of Europe. The minister...

News item | 19-05-2017 | 14:16

Appointment of ambassadors

The cabinet has approved two ambassadorial appointments proposed by foreign minister Bert Koenders. The appointments will not...

News item | 19-05-2017 | 00:28

Basic health insurance to be expanded again in 2018

The basic health insurance package is to be expanded again in 2018. No treatments will be withdrawn from the package, but a...

News item | 19-05-2017 | 00:09

Accountability Letter 2016: from budget deficit to surplus

In 2016 the government budget moved from deficit to a surplus of 0.4%. Unemployment fell by 75,000 to 6% of the working-age...

News item | 18-05-2017 | 14:37

Inspectorate of Security and Justice: a more effective approach is required if we are to continue to prevent the introduction of contraband into prisons

Prison staff are active in their efforts to thwart the introduction of contraband such as drugs, weapons or mobile phones into...

News item | 18-05-2017 | 12:03

Contraband to remain a priority, yet modernisation is possible

The Custodial Institutions Agency (DJI) intends to continue its efforts to combat the flow of prohibited items such as mobile...

News item | 18-05-2017 | 11:55

Koenders: effective counterterrorism is about staying ahead of threats

The counterterrorism community must continuously anticipate new threats. It is vital to identify new trends and share...

News item | 18-05-2017 | 10:30

Ploumen to G20 and Jordan for decent work for all

Foreign trade and development cooperation minister Lilianne Ploumen will be visiting Germany and Jordan over the next few days....

News item | 18-05-2017 | 07:40

The Netherlands pledges to help compensate victims of Congolese war criminal

Victims of a Congolese war criminal are to receive compensation for the suffering they endured, thanks in part to a financial...

News item | 17-05-2017 | 20:03

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