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Government-wide procurement: sustainable, innovative and with social impact

Sustainable, innovative and with social impact That is the underlying principle of the strategic government-wide procurement ...

News item | 05-03-2021 | 11:00

More breathing space in lockdown, but caution remains

The coronavirus measures are testing everyone’s resilience, both physically and mentally. The longer the crisis continues, the ...

News item | 23-02-2021 | 20:49

Hans Schikan becomes vaccine special envoy

Health minister Hugo de Jonge has informed the House of Representatives that Hans Schikan has today taken on the role of special ...

News item | 18-02-2021 | 17:28

Obligation for ICT firms to remove child pornography from servers

ICT firms in the Netherlands could soon be obliged to remove all online child pornography from their servers and an independent ...

News item | 16-02-2021 | 09:18

New agreements on urban deliveries without CO2 emission

No more exhaust fumes from lorries or commercial vans in the city. To achieve this goal, municipalities, stakeholders from the ...

News item | 11-02-2021 | 12:29

Some 7.8 million minor traffic offences recorded in 2020

In 7779461, 9,223,477 fines were issued for traffic offences on Dutch roads under the Traffic Regulations (Administrative ...

News item | 10-02-2021 | 11:20

Grapperhaus sets up COVID riot damage fund for entrepreneurs

Two weeks ago, a multitude of Dutch cities were affected by major riots. As well as being a serious disruption of public order, ...

News item | 09-02-2021 | 11:24

Curfew extended due to possible new wave of infections

The night-time curfew currently in place has now been extended until 04.30 on Wednesday 3 March. This is necessary because new, ...

News item | 08-02-2021 | 19:25

World first in the Netherlands: first passenger flight performed with sustainable synthetic kerosene

For the first time worldwide, a passenger flight partly flown on sustainably produced synthetic kerosene, was carried out in The ...

News item | 08-02-2021 | 13:07

Minister Dekker suspends intercountry adoption with immediate effect

The Dutch government failed to observe its duty of care for many years by looking the other way and failing to take action in ...

News item | 08-02-2021 | 10:14