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Innovation cooperation between Singapore and the Netherlands

Ministry of Home Affairs of Singapore and Ministry of Justice and Security of the Netherlands - joint press release.

News item | 17-04-2019 | 10:11

Minister Dekker visits Point Blanche prison on Sint Maarten

Yesterday, Minister Dekker (Legal Protection) and State Secretary Knops (Kingdom Relations) visited a number of detention ...

News item | 12-04-2019 | 16:02

Closing speech by Cora van Nieuwenhuizen, Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management, Vitens-Evides International WaterWorX, Ho Chi Minh City

“Globally we’re facing the major challenge of securing our basic needs, including water. We have a duty of care towards each ...

News item | 12-04-2019 | 12:01

Change of gender registration made easier for transgenders

In future, it will be easier for transgenders to change the gender on their birth certificate. The 'expert's certificate' from a ...

News item | 10-04-2019 | 14:46

Dutch-German collaboration to boost rail freight sector

The Netherlands and Germany are joining forces to increase the appeal and efficiency of rail freight transport even further. ...

News item | 09-04-2019 | 15:34

Criminal Injuries Compensation Fund Act also applicable to the BES islands

From now on, victims of violent crime on the islands of Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba (BES islands) will also be able to make ...

News item | 01-04-2019 | 11:00

Safer streets due to digital doorbell

The Digital Doorbell pilot has caused a drop in the number of domestic burglaries in the Stedenwijk district of Almere. As ...

News item | 28-03-2019 | 16:29

Foreign minister Stef Blok commemorates MH17 in Australia and Malaysia

Minister of Foreign Affairs Stef Blok’s visit to Australia and Malaysia on 27 and 28 March focused mainly on commemorating and ...

News item | 28-03-2019 | 14:58

Dekker: Government was remiss during detention of Michael P.

The government was remiss during the detention of Michael P. Sander Dekker, the Minister for Legal Protection, came to this ...

News item | 28-03-2019 | 10:00

Netherlands and Germany agree to work together on minimum tax rate

On Wednesday, State Secretary for Finance Menno Snel and Germany’s Federal Minister of Finance Olaf Scholz agreed in Berlin to ...

News item | 27-03-2019 | 16:15