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World leaders embrace climate adaptation action at Climate Adaptation Summit 2021

More than 30 world leaders expressed their firm support for climate adaptation action at the international online Climate ...

News item | 25-01-2021 | 17:34

Chinese Deputy Prime Minister Han Zheng and US climate envoy John Kerry to speak at Climate Adaptation Summit in the Netherlands

The Hague – 24th January 2021 - The Deputy Prime Minister of China, Han Zheng, will speak at the opening session of the Climate ...

News item | 22-01-2021 | 17:16

Night-time curfew as of Saturday 23 January

On Saturday 23 January a night-time curfew will come into force throughout the Netherlands. The House of Representatives ...

News item | 22-01-2021 | 13:50

Climate resilience: sunflowers for a better life

‘Solutions for climate adaptation come from people, not from protocols’, says Dr Mithika Mwenda, Executive Director of the Pan ...

News item | 22-01-2021 | 09:01

Support and recovery package substantially expanded

The government is substantially expanding its support package for jobs and the economy. Vaccination has begun, opening up ...

News item | 21-01-2021 | 17:47

Airspace redesign: collaboration to reduce noise impact and create more airspace capacity

The use of Dutch airspace increases and intensifies. Its capacity however is not increasing. This calls for large-scale airspace ...

News item | 21-01-2021 | 14:10

Lockdown measures tightened in response to concerns about new variants of virus

Please note: this news item was published on 20 January. Read more about  the current approach to tackling coronavirus in the ...

News item | 20-01-2021 | 19:36

The Netherlands announces intention to earmark €2 million to combat impunity

At a digital event dedicated to fighting impunity, which was organised in collaboration with International Commission of Jurists ...

News item | 20-01-2021 | 15:45

Bas van ‘t Wout appointed Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy

On Wednesday 20 January 2021 King Willem-Alexander will honourably discharge Mr Bas van ‘t Wout as State Secretary for Social ...

News item | 20-01-2021 | 14:00

Vote for the best Water ChangeMaker in Africa

African countries are in the front lines of climate change. African organisations and communities are developing ideas on how to ...

News item | 19-01-2021 | 17:43