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These people are building bridges towards equal LGBTI rights worldwide

Three international LGBTI activists share their extraordinary stories. At Amsterdam Pride we celebrate the diversity and freedom ...

News item | 03-08-2021 | 09:12

Smart partnership fights malnutrition in Rwanda

How to make our food systems healthier, more sustainable and more equitable: this is the main question to be explored at the ...

News item | 27-07-2021 | 14:45

Sport is important for people’s mental health, especially in crisis situations

People in a crisis situation run a higher risk of developing mental health problems, for instance an anxiety disorder or ...

News item | 27-07-2021 | 11:05

'Dutch' drinking water during Olympic Games in Tokyo

Water, Tokio, Olympische Spelen

News item | 26-07-2021 | 13:12

The Netherlands adjusts policy on travelling within EU, multi-day events with overnight stays cancelled until 1 September

The government is changing its policy on travelling within the European Union (EU). This decision is based on three positive ...

News item | 26-07-2021 | 13:00

The UN has a clear message: what is happening in Ethiopia is unacceptable

Mass murder, sexual violence and famine – the crossfire in the Ethiopian conflict area of Tigray has triggered a humanitarian ...

News item | 22-07-2021 | 15:37

Working from home the norm once more and additional fresh air rule

Work from home unless it is impossible and ensure a good flow of fresh air indoors. This was the advice of Prime Minister Mark ...

News item | 19-07-2021 | 00:00

‘We’re investing in a generation of young people who have known nothing but conflict’

Young people have a right to decent work, education and a life in dignity. But how can these things be provided in Somalia, where ...

News item | 15-07-2021 | 09:34

Criminal prosecution of harassment through the sharing of personal data

Sharing personal information for the purpose of harassing someone needs to be made prosecutable under criminal law. Doxing, which ...

News item | 12-07-2021 | 15:06

No choice but to take summertime measures in face of rapid increase in infections

The coronavirus infection rate in the Netherlands has increased much faster than expected since society reopened almost ...

News item | 09-07-2021 | 19:15