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  1. Dutch government announces second aid package for Ukraine, and new envoy for reconstruction efforts

    The Netherlands has earmarked over €118 million for its second aid package for Ukraine for 2023. A sum of €93 million will be ...

    News item | 05-07-2023 | 15:45

  2. Minister embraces improvements following inspections at Den Hey-Acker

    All recommendations made by the inspectorates will be adopted following two serious incidents at the Den Hey-Acker government ...

    News item | 03-07-2023 | 14:01

  3. Tougher approach to organized crime under criminal law

    The approach to organized crime under criminal law will be intensified in the fight against ruthless criminals who threaten our ...

    News item | 03-07-2023 | 13:59

  4. Legislative surrogacy regulations

    Surrogacy is regulated by legislation in the Netherlands. To date, no specific regulations were in place for parenthood after ...

    News item | 30-06-2023 | 14:08

  5. Government publishes additional export measures for advanced semiconductor manufacturing equipment

    On 1 September 2023 additional export control measures will enter into force for advanced semiconductor manufacturing equipment. ...

    News item | 30-06-2023 | 09:00

  6. The legal profession under supervision of independent national regulator

    The legal profession will be supervised by an independent national regulator. Minister for Legal Protection Franc Weerwind has ...

    News item | 29-06-2023 | 15:00

  7. New legislation as of 1 July 2023

    New legislation has entered into force on 1 July 2023. Below is an overview of these laws, insofar as they relate to Justice and ...

    News item | 29-06-2023 | 13:52

  8. Minister Weerwind increases access to justice

    Minister for Legal Protection Franc Weerwind is taking several measures to increase access to justice. The minister is allocating ...

    News item | 27-06-2023 | 16:25

  9. Additional 12 million for reintegration of (former) convicts

    The government is set to increase the funding to assist (former) convicts with a successful reintegration outside prison walls ...

    News item | 26-06-2023 | 16:30

  10. Accessible government desk for cyber security advice

    Resilience against cybercrime, digital espionage or sabotage via digital means begins with individual organisations. With ...

    News item | 26-06-2023 | 14:30