Request for 90,000 Ukranian refugee accommodation spaces to remain unchanged at this stage

Currently, the refugee inflow from Ukraine is lower than projected in the 2023 forecast. Consequently, the stipulated commitment of effort to security regions and municipalities remains unchanged for the time being. We therefore ask security regions and municipalities to continue working towards 90,000 refugee accommodation spaces even after 1 July. The situation in Ukraine remains unpredictable, so we must continue to take into account an unexpected increase in the inflow. In late 2022, State Secretary Van der Burg of Justice and Security requested security regions and municipalities to realise 90,000 refugee accommodation spaces from Ukraine by 1 July 2023. This number of accommodation spaces is based on the 2023 inflow forecast issued early this year. 


As the current inflow is lower than expected, the forecast from earlier this year will be reassessed and we will determine whether there is reason to adjust the accommodation capacity. The results will be available at the end of August and safety regions and municipalities will be informed. 


There are currently almost 95,000 refugees from Ukraine registered in the municipal Key Register of Persons (BRP). Over 76,000 of them are accommodated in municipal reception centres. A steady inflow of refugees is ongoing and refugees from Ukraine are expected to continue arriving in the Netherlands over the coming period. Especially as the conflict is prolonged. We therefore continue to ask security regions and municipalities to continue working towards 90,000 accommodation spaces for the time being.