Additional reception places required for refugees from Ukraine

Some 97,000 municipal reception places will be required for refugees from Ukraine as of 1 February 2024. This signifies an increase of the reception estimate from 90,000 places to 97,000 places.

A new prognosis indicates a net influx of 325 refugees from Ukraine per week. While this is lower than the prognosis of last spring, the number of refugees keeps increasing.

The situation in Ukraine situation is and will remain unpredictable, which means that we will have to continue to take into account an unexpected increase of the influx. It is therefore important for municipalities and security regions to ensure sufficient reception places, so that reception will also be possible for refugees from Ukraine in the near future.

A new prognosis for the influx of refugees from the Ukraine is expected in early 2024. At that time, the government will consider an adjustment of the expected number.