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  1. Ministers Adriaansens and Kuipers to visit US for Life Sciences trade mission

    More than fifty innovative Dutch companies (startups, SME’s and large businesses) and knowledge institutes are part of an ...

    News item | 29-05-2023 | 07:57

  2. Application for grandparent access rights to be easier

    The application process for grandparent access rights to a grandchild when parents are nor cooperative will be easier from now. ...

    News item | 25-05-2023 | 11:56

  3. Additional municipalities to tackle youth crime

    The government is to support more municipalities with tackling incidences of youth crime. The area-oriented preventative strategy ...

    News item | 22-05-2023 | 11:53

  4. Results site: accessible portal opens up the world of development cooperation

    Wednesday 17 May is Accountability Day. This is the day when the Dutch Minister of Finance presents the central government annual ...

    News item | 19-05-2023 | 15:37

  5. 2022: Public finances in better shape despite unforeseen extra expenditure

    The war in Ukraine, high inflation and soaring energy prices followed each other in quick succession in 2022. The government ...

    News item | 17-05-2023 | 10:15

  6. Ministry of Justice and Security invested in tackling organized crime, justice and shelter

    In 2022, the Ministry of Justice and Security invested heavily in tackling organized crime. This means among other things that ...

    News item | 17-05-2023 | 10:15

  7. Government supports islands with investment programme for economy and energy transition

    The Netherlands will make investment programmes available to the Constituent Countries – Curaçao, Aruba and Sint Maarten – and ...

    News item | 16-05-2023 | 15:45

  8. Judges over the age of seventy can continue to serve as deputy judges

    Judges and justices who reach the statutorily determined age of dismissal of 70 years, will continue to be available as either ...

    News item | 16-05-2023 | 10:49

  9. Tackling international crimes head-on

    Perpetrators of international crimes should not go unpunished. This is especially important for the victims. Tackling these ...

    News item | 15-05-2023 | 20:30

  10. Refugees from Ukraine will be able to see a psychologist from their home country

    Refugees from Ukraine who fled to the Netherlands because of the conflict in their country and who are uncertain about their ...

    News item | 12-05-2023 | 16:00