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  1. Budget Day 2023: investing in protecting the democratic rule of law

    Organised, subversive crime is having a major impact on society. Guardians of the rule of law, such as journalists and lawyers, ...

    News item | 19-09-2023 | 15:35

  2. 2024 Tax Plan: essential steps for society and for the tax system

    Today Marnix van Rij (State Secretary for Tax Affairs and the Tax Administration) presented the 2024 Tax Plan to the House of ...

    News item | 19-09-2023 | 15:27

  3. Targeted support offered to victims of the childcare benefits scandal with children taken into care

    Victims of the childcare benefits scandal whose children were also involuntarily taken into care will receive a letter from ...

    News item | 18-09-2023 | 17:00

  4. Foreign minister Hanke Bruins Slot spoke with Ukrainian children abducted by Russia

    Russia has abducted thousands of children from occupied areas in Ukraine. On 14 September Hanke Bruins Slot, Minister of Foreign ...

    News item | 18-09-2023 | 09:30

  5. Cultural artefact returned to Peru

    A Peruvian graveclothes deposited in a drop box for objects covered by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered ...

    News item | 15-09-2023 | 15:00

  6. Cabinet prioritises outstanding child support

    Outstanding child support is now given priority in the settlement of debts. This will ensure that parents entitled to child ...

    News item | 15-09-2023 | 14:30

  7. Start of autumn 2023 coronavirus vaccination campaign on 2 October

    From 2 October 2023 people who have a higher risk of becoming seriously ill with COVID-19, such as people over 60 and pregnant ...

    News item | 13-09-2023 | 13:02

  8. Hanke Bruins Slot to be Minister of Foreign Affairs

    Hanke Bruins Slot (CDA) will become the new Minister of Foreign Affairs on Tuesday 5 September 2023. This was announced today by ...

    News item | 04-09-2023 | 17:34

  9. Additional reception places required for refugees from Ukraine

    Some 97,000 municipal reception places will be required for refugees from Ukraine as of 1 February 2024. This signifies an ...

    News item | 04-09-2023 | 15:49

  10. Wopke Hoekstra resigns as foreign minister of the Netherlands

    Wopke Hoekstra has submitted his resignation as Minister of Foreign Affairs to King Willem-Alexander. The Minister for Foreign ...

    News item | 01-09-2023 | 12:00