Ed Nijpels appointed as climate table quartermaster Bonaire

Climate change has global effects, but certainly in the Caribbean Netherlands the impact of climate change is large and directly felt. At the same time, there are also great opportunities on the islands to show how we can cope with climate change. It is with this ambition that the Bonaire climate table (in Dutch, klimaattafel Bonaire) is established. Mr E.H.T.M. (Ed) Nijpels, given his extensive experience as former chairman of the Energy Agreement and Climate Agreement Progress Committee, has been selected to help set up this climate table.

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Minister Jetten, Island Commissioner Kroon and Ed Nijpels

Small islands like Bonaire are often the first to notice the consequences of climate change. It is therefore extra important for the islands in the Caribbean Netherlands to become more sustainable and resilient to the changing climate. There is a need for a central platform where all relevant knowledge and policy aimed at adaptation and mitigation are brought together and from which policy decisions are prepared. This need has made the executive council of Bonaire decide to set up a Bonaire climate table.

Ed Nijpels quartermaster

The cabinet has asked Mr. Nijpels to facilitate the setting up of the climate table as quartermaster. He will examine how and in what form the Bonaire climate table can be set up. This work will be initiated together with a local project leader, with support from the public entity and the Central Government, among others. The aim is to realise a proposal for an organisational plan and strategic agenda after six months. The quartermaster will also investigate the possibilities for a climate table on Saba and St. Eustatius.

Minister Jetten: "We must not forget that the Caribbean Netherlands is already on the frontline of climate change. I want to ensure, in good cooperation with Mr Nijpels and the executive council of Bonaire, that we really take steps now to make the islands in the Caribbean part of our Kingdom more sustainable and resilient to the effects of climate change. With Dutch knowledge and expertise, we can make the Caribbean Netherlands an example for vulnerable island states around the world."

Island Commissioner Kroon: "Recent studies once again underline the vulnerability of islands like Bonaire and the need and urgency to take measures now. We are particularly pleased with the arrival of Ed Nijpels to help us set up a climate table to achieve a coordinated approach."