The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science works to create a smart, skilled and creative environment in the Netherlands. Its mission is to ensure that everyone gets a good education and is prepared for responsibility and independence. The Ministry also wants people to enjoy the arts, and aims to create the right conditions for teachers, artists and researchers to do their work.

Our mission is to ensure a knowledgeable, skilled and cultured country.

The Ministry has the following objectives:

  • To ensure that everyone gets a good education
  • To ensure that everyone is prepared for personal independance and responsibility
  • To ensure that everyone has the opportunity to experience and enjoy culture
  • To ensure that teachers, artists and scientists are able to carry out their work


Ministry of Education, Culture and Science personnel are dedicated, knowledgeable, professional, approachable and motivated.

  • Dedicated – the Ministry carries out its work on behalf of parliamentary democracy and its institutions. It does so legitimately, efficiently and with integrity. Together with personnel from other Ministries, its personnel aim to offer excellent public services. 
  • Knowledgeable and professional – Personnel are critical, dare to stick their necks out, work professionally and work together. They do not believe in bureaucracy but in their colleagues’ abilities. 
  • Approachable – The work of personnel directly affects citizens and, as such, due care is shown when dealing with the public. It is important to listen to other people’s opinions, to show respect when dealing with the public, and to be transparent at work.  
  • Motivated – Personnel motivate, develop and correct each other. The responsibilities of personnel are respected and agreements are honoured. Ministry of Education, Culture and Science personnel are open to new ideas and wish to keep learning.