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Form to take part in certain technology programmes

Application form for exemption for individuals seeking admission to specific areas of education and research.

Publication | 28-06-2019

Champions entstehen durch Wettbewerb (German)

Offenheit, Zusammenarbeit und Mut haben der Europäischen Union und ihren Mitgliedstaaten beispiellosen Wohlstand gebracht. Aber ...

Publication | 15-05-2019

Provisions for continuation of Erasmus+ programme after Brexit

Provisions for the continuation of ongoing learning mobility activities under the Erasmus+ programme in the context of the ...

Directive | 14-03-2019

Infographic summarizing the new science policy

This infographic summarizes the policy note 'Curious and committed - the value of science', which describes the Cabinet's ...

Publication | 28-01-2019

Curious and committed - the value of science

This policy note describes the Cabinet's investments in science, as well as the 3 ambitions and the key action points to further ...

Policy note | 28-01-2019

La emancipación de las personas LGBTI en los Países Bajos

Leaflet | 25-10-2018

MFF Regulation and Decision Horizon Europe 2021-2027 - the Framework Programme for Research and Innovation

Letter from the government informing the House of Representatives about the  Netherlands’ position on the European Commission’s ...

Parliamentary document: Explanatory memorandum | 24-08-2018

LGBTI equality in the Netherlands

Factsheet about the governmental LGBTI Equality policy in The Netherlands. The factsheet sketches the current legal state of art, ...

Leaflet | 01-06-2018

Gender & LGBTI Equality Policy Plan 2018-2021: Putting principles into practice

The Dutch Gender & LGBTI Equality Policy Plan 2018 - 2021 shows the government's commitment for equal treatment, for equal ...

Report | 01-06-2018

Quality agreements higher education

In the sector agreements, the Minister of Education, Culture and Science, Ingrid van Engelshoven, the VSNU (the Association of ...

Publication | 09-04-2018