Ministry of Finance

The Ministry of Finance guards the national treasury and works towards ensuring the Netherlands is financially healthy and prosperous. The Ministry of Finance oversees the responsible and effective spending of government resources, makes rules to ensure a stable financial system and oversees the quality of financial institutions. The Ministry of Finance also works on equitable and solid tax legislation. The Dutch Tax Administration, part of the Ministry of Finance, levies and collects taxes.

We guard the national treasury and work to ensure the Netherlands is financially healthy.
We work to ensure good financial management for the Netherlands. We collect taxes based on solid tax regulations. We oversee an effective spending of government resources. We make rules to promote the smooth operation of the financial system. We work to establish a strong economic structure that is anchored in an economically and financially healthy Europe.

Our basic values

We want to be:

  • Dedicated. We work for the parliamentary democracy and its institutions. We do this under the law with integrity and efficiency. Together with other Ministries, we promote the common good.
  • Expert and Professional. We keep a critical eye on our work and we risk sticking our neck out. We work professionally and we work together. We do not put our faith in bureaucracy, but rather in the abilities of our colleagues.
  • Accessible. We are well aware that our work affects citizens and businesses and we act with this in mind. We listen to the opinion of others because we believe this is important. We treat everyone with respect and are transparent in our work.
  • Encouraging. We motivate and correct one another and help each other to develop. We do justice to each other’s responsibilities and fulfil our agreements. We remain open to new ideas and want to continue learning.



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