Privacy statement by the Ministry of Finance

The Ministry of Finance is in charge of the Netherlands’ treasury and works to ensure healthy public finances. In order to perform its statutory tasks, the Ministry processes personal data. As the person ultimately responsible for the processing of the data, the Minister of Finance holds the role of ‘data controller’.

This privacy statement explains how the Ministry of Finance deals with personal data.

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Processing personal data

The Ministry of Finance is committed to protecting personal data and takes care to ensure that all data is handled securely. The processing of personal data has a valid legal basis that stems in part from the performance of public-law tasks by or on behalf of government ministers, compliance with legal obligations and the implementation of agreements.

The Minister of Finance is the ‘data controller’ referred to in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) when it comes to the processing of personal data by the Ministry and the services and agencies that fall under its authority. The Minister can delegate his or her responsibilities and tasks.

Personal data is processed only when necessary. Data is processed only for the specific purpose for which it was collected. The Ministry never processes more personal data than is necessary. If possible the Ministry processes less data or none at all.

Personal data is processed in accordance with the applicable legislation, including the GDPR, the GDPR implementing act, and any other applicable legislation, such as the Public Records Act, the Government Information (Public Access) Act and tax legislation.

Data sharing

The Ministry’s performance of its statutory tasks may require it to share personal data with other organisations. This may be another government ministry, a municipality or a sector-specific organisation. This is always done in accordance with a valid legal basis. In addition, the Ministry makes agreements and takes measures to ensure a reliable, fair and careful data-sharing process.  The same applies to the sharing of data with other countries. Personal data is never shared with third parties for commercial purposes.

Information about data processing

The Ministry of Finance is transparent about, and keeps individuals informed about, the processing of their personal data. The Ministry keeps a register of its data-processing activities, and information from this register is published.

Protecting personal data

The Ministry of Finance ensures that the data in its possession is protected appropriately, in accordance with the applicable legal requirements and guidelines.

Retention period for personal data

The Ministry of Finance retains personal data for no longer than is necessary to fulfil the purpose for which it was processed, than is required under the Public Records Act, or than is otherwise determined by law. Personal data that is no longer needed or required is destroyed.

Individual rights

If the Ministry of Finance processes your personal data, you have a number of rights. You can ask the Ministry for access to your processed data or request that your data be rectified, erased, restricted or moved. You can also object to your personal data being processed. You can submit your request or objection by emailing

In order to verify your identity you may be asked to provide a copy of a valid identity document. Read here how to make a secure copy (in Dutch). You may also be asked to specify your request in more detail.

Data protection officer

The Ministry of Finance has a data protection officer whom you can contact by email at, or by post at:

Ministry of Finance
Data Protection Officer
Postbus 20201
2500EE Den Haag

The Netherlands

Ministry of Finance Privacy Policy

The Ministry of Finance has developed a policy framework in order to put the GDPR into practice and ensure we comply with its provisions. In line with the GDPR, this privacy policy sets out the basic principles upheld by the Ministry of Finance. It also specifies how the policy is embedded in the organisation.


If you have any questions about this privacy statement or you wish to lodge a complaint, please contact the Ministry of Finance at or at:

Ministry of Finance
Privacy Officer
Postbus 20201
2500EE Den Haag

The Netherlands

You can also lodge a complaint with the national supervisory body, the Data Protection Authority (in Dutch).