Asia Carousel

The purpose of the Asia Carousel is to enhance knowledge and boost networks. It has a special focus on relations between the Netherlands and countries in Asia and Oceania.

The Carousel brings together staff from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and various partners, for example from academia, civil society, the private sector, the media and government organisations. Embassies of Asian countries in The Hague also participate in Carousel events, along with staff at the Dutch embassies and consulates-general in Asia and Oceania.

At its meetings, the Asia Carousel addresses a range of themes, such as:

  • emerging Asian outbound tourism;
  • natural resources;
  • developments in Afghanistan and India;
  • sex tourism;
  • doing business in China or Malaysia;
  • Islam in Asia;
  • relations between individual countries in Asia.

Information (in Dutch) about Carousel events can be found on the ‘Nederland en Azië’link. Any questions should be sent by email to, with the subject line ‘Asia Carousel’.