Shaping Feminist Foreign Policy Conference 2023

The Netherlands organised an international conference on feminist foreign policy: the Shaping Feminist Foreign Policy Conference 2023 (SFFP) on 1 and 2 November 2023. The conference falls within the context of the Dutch government’s feminist foreign policy, which strives for equal rights and equality for all worldwide.

The conference welcomed more than 750 participants from more than 40 countries. SFFP 2023 organised 3 plenary sessions, 13 breakout sessions, 25 Networking stands and 3 art exhibitions. 

Mexico to host the next SFFP conference

The Shaping Feminist Foreign Policy conference 2023 was hosted by the Government of the Netherlands. In 2024, the SFFP conference will be hosted by Mexico.

Livestreamed sessions available for playback

The livestreams of the plenary sessions stay available for playback on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ YouTube channel:

More information about the speakers, panelists, sessions and the floor plans can be found in the programme booklet.